About the Counselor

If you’re looking for an experienced marriage counselor you’ve come to the right place.  Charles Coulter, MA, LPC has been in practice for 15+ years and has helped countless couples and individuals move past trauma, reconnect with loved ones, cope with conflict and experience healthier relationships.  He is skilled at addressing difficult issues threatening marriages and families in the 21st century and helps bring hope to families ravaged by depression, panic attacks, pornography, addiction, divorce, anxiety, and extra-marital affairs.  Charles and his clients establish and accomplish therapy goals in a timely manner so individuals see positive changes and are encouraged by their personal progress.  His practice is dedicated to offering counseling with proven psychological concepts.  In San Antonio, he also serves as a referral counselor for many area churches.  Give Charles a call 210-849-7264 and start moving toward becoming emotionally and relationally healthy today.